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Testo 608-H1 Digital Thermohygrometer

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Testo 608-H1 Digital Thermohygrometer

Digital thermohygrometer, model no. [VAC- 608-H1]
Operating temperature: 0 to +50 °C
Measuring rate: 18s
Battery type: 9V block battery, 6F22
Display Type: LCD


VSKU: 1010000064

This product is no longer available.

Digital thermohygrometer for measuring temperature and humidity

Digital thermo-hygrometer is used to detect the indoor climate and has a large and clear 2 line LCD display where the current temperature and humidity values are displayed continuously. It can calculate and display the dew point value. The capacitive humidity sensor, known for its durability measure accurate humidity and NTC temperature probe gives precise temperature values. This can be used at offices, warehouses, laboratories, garden centers or living areas to measure temperature,humidity and dew point. This device is the best fit where users cannot install software for reading measured values. It can detect environmental conditions easily and quickly.


  1. It is used for continuous measurement of the temperature and humidity of air.

  2. It is used for monitoring the indoor climate.

  3. It is used for environmental monitoring.

  4. It is used for detecting heat bridges.

  5. It is used for monitoring vibrations on machines while measuring environmental conditions of the system.

  6. It is used to determine the dew point values.

  7. It can be used for continuous monitoring of the room climate.

  8. It can be used to detect incorrect ventilation performance in houses.

  9. It can be used in the heating and cooling process in the industry.

  10. It can be used in the product warehouses.

  11. It is suitable to use in places where software cannot be installed for reading temperature and humidity values.

  12. It is used for HVAC performance assessment.

  13. It is also used for industrial hygiene.


  1. It measures and displays real-time temperature, humidity and dew point values.

  2. It has a capacitive humidity sensor which has high durability.

  3. It comes with hanging and standing brackets making it possible to hang the thermohygrometer on the wall or to place it in a shelf or table.

  4. The large and clear display helps in its readability even from a distance

  5.  It has a 2-line LCD display.

  6. The readings are either made in degrees Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F).

  7. It can display maximum values of temperature, humidity and dew point.

  8. It can display minimum values of temperature, humidity and dew point.

  9.  It has an NTC temperature probe that makes it possible for the temperature measurement to be accurate.

  10.  It is highly reliable and durable for monitoring indoor climate.

  11. It is powered by 9V block battery, 6F22 which has a life up to approx. one year.

  12.  It had a feature to notify you when battery life begins to end.

  13. It has an ABS housing.

  14. Temperature-NTC has a resolution of 0.1 °C.

  15. Humidity- Capacitive sensor resolution is 0.1 %RH. 


  1. The temperature measuring range of NTC is 0 to +50 °C -20 to +50 °Ctd.

  2. The humidity measuring range of the capacitive sensor is 10 to 95 %RH.

  3. The accuracy of the NTC temperature sensor is ±0.5 °C (at +25 °C).

  4. The accuracy of Capacitive humidity sensor is ±3 %RH (10 to 95 %RH).

  5. The resolution of the NTC temperature sensor is 0.1 °C.

  6. The resolution of Capacitive humidity sensor is 0.1 %RH.

  7. The operating temperature of this product is 0 to +50 °C.

  8. The weight of this product is 168g.

  9. It is built of the housing material ABS.

  10. It has a measuring rate of 18s.

  11. Its dimensions are 111 x 90 x 40 mm.

  12. This product has to be stored at a temperature range between -40 to +70 °C.

  13. It has a 9V block battery, 6F22 which lasts for approx. 1 year.

  14. It uses a 2 lines LCD display where the temperature, humidity and dew point values are displayed.

We supply this Digital thermohygrometer for real-time measurement of the temperature and humidity of air in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and other European countries. Also, we supply this Digital thermohygrometer to measure the dew point in the Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore etc.

Our African offices supply this Digital thermohygrometer for use in the product warehouses across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles etc.

Our Middle East offices supply this Digital thermohygrometer for monitoring the climate indoors in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, Iraq, Erbil, Jordan etc.

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