Digital temperature, humidity and air flow meter Testo 480

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    Digital temperature, humidity, and airflow meter Testo 480
    Operating temperature: 0 to +40 °C
    Protection class: IP30
    Connectable probes: 2 x Temperature TC Type K, 1 x differential pressure (internal), 3 x digital
    EU-/EG-guidelines: 2004/108/EG
    Battery life: approx. 17 hours (hand instrument without probes, with 50 % display brightness)
    Display function: Colour graphic display
    Power supply: Rechargeable battery, plug-in mains unit for long-term measurements and charging a battery
    Data transfer: USB cable or SD card
    Memory: 60,000,000 measuring values
    Storage temperature: -20 to +60 °C

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    Multifunctional HVAC meter for measuring indoor air quality

    Multifunctional HVAC meter [VAC-480] is a multipurpose device which can measure airflow, humidity, temperature, CO2 concentration, light intensity and so on with the help of appropriate high-quality probes. It comes with USB connectivity and memory to store measured values. The measured values can be stored and analyzed on a PC with the help of Easy-Climate software. It can be powered by a rechargeable battery as well as from mains power. It has a large colourful display which shows the relevant information in an intuitive manner.


    1. It is used with the flow probes to carry out flow measurements in ventilation ducts in accordance with EN 1259 guidelines.

    2. It is used for calibration of air conditioning cabinets.

    3. It is used to measure radiated heat.

    4. It can be used to measure light intensity with the help of a Lux probe.

    5. It is used to measure the flow rate of laboratory flue gas according to EN 14175.

    6. It is used for flow measurement in VAC ducts with the help of a pitot tube.

    7. It is used to measure air temperature and humidity in VAC grids.

    8. It is used to estimate the differential pressure for the maintenance of filters in air conditioning systems.

    9. It is used to determine indoor air quality by measuring CO2 concentrations.

    10. It is used to measure heat stress by measuring WBGT at workplaces exposed to heat.

    11. It is used to ensure the climate in clean rooms.

    12. It is used for precision temperature measurements in the laboratory.

    13. It is used for the measurement of air and surface temperature.

    14. It is used to measure humidity in a VAC system using a humidity probe.

    15. It is used to monitor volumetric flow at the outlet of a VAC duct.

    16. It is used for turbulence measurement according to EN 13779 standards.

    17. It is used to measure the comfort level in a room by monitoring PMV/PPD values according to ISO 7730 standards.


    1. It is IP30 water-resistant.

    2. It is powered by rechargeable batteries.

    3. It has a high precision pressure sensor integrated into it.

    4. It supports a wide variety of high-quality sensors to be used with it for measuring temperature, airflow, degree of turbulence, CO2, illumination intensity, etc.

    5. It has memory to store 60,000,000 measurement results.

    6. It has integrated measurement programs in accordance with various guidelines.

    7. It provides easy analysis and documentation with the help of Easy-Climate PC software via USB.

    8. It has a colourful display to show relevant information in an intuitive manner.

    9. The probes are specially designed to meet industrial requirements.


    1. It can transfer data to PC via USB cable or by using an SD card.

    2. It has a colour graphics display.

    3. It does velocity measurements with hot wire at a resolution of 0.01 m/s in the range 0 to +20 m/s.

    4. The velocity measurement with vane anemometer is possible 0.6 to +50 m/s (vane anemometer Ø 16 mm) and 0.1 to +15 m/s (vane anemometer Ø 100 mm).

    5. The resolutions of the vane anemometer are 0.1 m/s (vane anemometer Ø 16 mm) and 0.01 m/s (vane anemometer Ø 100 mm).

    6. It has a light sensor with a measuring range of 0 to 100000 Lux with a resolution of 1 Lux.

    7. It takes comfort level measurements at a resolution of 0.01 m/s in a range of 0 to +5 m/s.

    8. The ambient COmeasurement range is from 0 to 10000 ppm with a resolution of 1 ppm CO2.

    9. It works in accordance with the 2004/108/EG guidelines.

    10. It is powered by a rechargeable battery for portable use.

    11. Differential pressure is measured by the internal Piezoresistive sensor.

    12. The piezoresistive sensor has accuracies of ± (0.3 Pa + 1 % of mv) (0 to +25 hPa) and ± (0.1 hPa + 1.5 % of mv) (+25.001 to +100 hPa).

    13. It measures differential pressure from -100 to +100 hPa with a resolution of 0.001 hPa.

    14. It can last approximately 17 hours on the battery when it is used without external probes and at 50 % display brightness.

    15. It performs absolute pressure measurements in the range of 700 to 1100 hPa with an accuracy of ± 3 hPa at a resolution of 0.1 hPa.

    16. It is IP30 certified.

    17. It can be used with Pt100 and TC Type K(NiCr-Ni) probes for temperature measurements.

    18. The Pt100 probe has a measuring range of -100 to +400 °C with a resolution of 0.01 °C.

    19. The TC Type K has a range of -200 to+1370 °C with a resolution of 0.1 °C and an accuracy of ± (0.3 °C + 0.1 % of mv).

    20. Humidity measurement is done with the help of a capacitive sensor which has a resolution of 0.1 %RH.

    21. It can measure humidity values between 0 to 100 %RH.

    22. It weighs about 435 g.

    23. It is to be operated between 0 and +40 °C.

    24. It has 1.8GB memory to store approximately 60,000,000 measurements.

    25. It is recommended to store the device at a temperature between -20 °C and +60 °C.

    26. It can be powered by mains for long-term measurements and charge the battery at the same time.

    We supply these multifunctional HVAC meters for humidity and temperature measurement of VAC ducts in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and other European countries. Also, we supply these for comfort level measurement in the Middle East and other Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, etc.

    Our African offices supply these multifunctional HVAC meters for airflow measurements across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.

    Our Middle East offices supply these multifunctional HVAC meters for turbulence measurement in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, Iraq, Erbil, Jordan, etc.

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